19. November 2021

Mick Rock, R.I.P.

Mick Rock, one of the most legendary rock photographers of all time, has passed away at the age of 72. Not only do we lose an extremely valued client, but the world loses an iconic artist.

25. August 2021

Happy Birthday Elvis !

Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus aka Elvis Costello turns 67 today – congratulations. The formidable “Spanish Model” will be released in early September !

5. March 2021

Alice Cooper – “Detroit Stories” #1 of the official German Album-Charts

Congratulations to Alice Cooper and EarMusic, both long time clients of our law firm, for entering at #1 of the official German Album-Charts with “Detroit Stories” .

1. October 2020

Iggy Pop in Gucci “Cruise 2020” campaign

And once again a brilliant advertising appearance by our client Iggy Pop, this time in equally brilliant clips from the Gucci “Cruise 2020 Campaign“. Top!

9. September 2020

Yoko Ono Lennon stops illegal photo use by conspiracy theorist Heiko Schrang

For its client Yoko Ono Lennon, widow of John Lennon, the law firm Gutsch & Schlegel has put an end to the illegal use of one of the most famous pictures of John Lennon by the “author” and YouTube activist Heiko Schrang. The latter had used the photo in dozens of YouTube videos etc. and in this context spread his abstruse conspiracy theories, but in particular also pursued his own economic interests by offering his shirts, caps and books. Schrang has now signed a cease-and-desist declaration subject to a contractual penalty and has to bear the costs. The law firm Gutsch & Schlegel will donate the RVG fee paid by Schrang to „CORRECTIV – Recherchen für die Gesellschaft.

8. May 2020

Robert Ekson: Blue Poles (Number 11)

After quite long time of Corona related silence finally some news: our client Silent Beat Records today releases “Blue Poles (Number 11)“, the first single from Robert Eksons upcoming debut EP „Little Vanities & Great Masterpieces“.

18. February 2020

Gutsch & Schlegel: 2 / Facebook: 0

In its ruling of 13 February 2020, case no. 312 O 372/18, the Regional Court of Hamburg decided that our unofficial Facebook law firm profile and the unofficial Facebook page of Thomas Schlegel must be deleted. According to Facebook, unofficial profiles/pages are profiles/pages that Facebook generates automatically if there are no official profiles/pages but Facebook recognizes corresponding user interest in them based on search queries. After we had unsuccessfully requested Facebook to delete the profiles/pages several times out of court, the Regional Court of Hamburg initially issued a corresponding temporary injunction at our request. The Regional Court of Hamburg has now confirmed this order in the main proceedings. The court found that the partnership’s right to carry on the business which it established (company and property rights) was infringed as well as an encroachment on the general right of personality of Thomas Schlegel. The Regional Court of Hamburg also stated

“Since Facebook is not a search service or a business directory, but primarily a social network which is controversial in the public, among other things because of the handling of user data, a law firm, for whose activities confidentiality, seriousness and protection of client data are essential, has a considerable interest in not being associated with such a network against it’s will by existing or potential clients.”

29. January 2020

Die Feisten

More than 30 years since Hans-Martin Gutsch heard them for the first time and they are still on tour, more successful than ever: Die Feisten, Schmidts Tivoli sold out for two consecutive nights since months. A great show, thanks Rainer and Zeh!

24. September 2019

Golfer vs. Golfer

Discussed the round of golf on Sunday. Alice Cooper and Thomas Schlegel in Hamburg, Barclay Card Arena.

26. August 2019

Clients at work

Opening the New Horizons Festival on the main stage: TMW and Beat Dealer Records.

Photo: Private