26. July 2023

Gutsch & Schlegel stop illegal music use by AfD local politician

Gutsch & Schlegel have successfully stopped the illegal use of a music title by the AfD local politician Yvonne Venticinque-Effenberger of the AfD District Association Waldeck-Frankenberg. The direct candidate of the District Association had posted a promotional video on her Facebook page as part of her election campaign for the right-wing extremist AfD for the Hessian state elections 2023 with the title “Für die Liebe (Akustic Version)” by the singer-songwriter duo “Berge“. However, this was done without obtaining the necessary consent from the exclusive rights holder, our client FerryHouse. In doing so, she not only violated Facebook’s “Music Guidelines”, but also the copyright law. The opponent has signed a cease-and-desist declaration and paid the legal costs.

The law firm Gutsch & Schlegel will donate the RVG fee paid by Ms Venticinque-Effenberger to „CORRECTIV – Recherchen für die Gesellschaft“.